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Hi, I love and habe been using it for about six months to train for a half marathon next month. I am a lady over 60 and never really trained regularly before, although i was quite active and did go for runs from time to time. So far all is going exceptionally well and I am amazed what a youth tonic it has been. I also love the high that I now spend most of my time in. I'm hooked. That's clear.

However, there are some issues that I have with the app that perhaps could be improved in future versions.

1)  If I have started my training it is not possible to see what my goals are. Sometimes i forget. Can this be displayed somowhere on the screen while the training is underway?

2) If I have to stop the training for any reason, I can never restart it. I suggest that if the saved training does not fullifl the goal (time or distance), it should be possible to restart and save a second version on the same day. I know there is a pause function, but what happens if one has to stop for a longer period of time after only fifteen minutes. Do I have to consequently throw this away?

3) There is no way to change any of the settings once the training has started. This is annoying, if for instance, I forgot to turn on the sound (voice prompts). I would appreciate that at least the sound switch should be accessible during training.

Once again thanks for all the joy you have given me and my super new body.