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Hi Kerstin

It will adapt as soon as you finish a race with a high or highest priority. OR if you enter new values in your settings. OR if you beat several times the given speed in intervall trainings.

Then: it might also be a problem of your priority - settings: if you ran a highest priority race in september and enter a lower priority one in May, you will have a lower prognosis.

To be clear: the programm focusses on the 2 highest prioritiy races per year and gives you a plan for approx 4 month, if your race is furhter ahead, it will focus on your basis. If you enter an Marathon or Ultra in June, RC would give you in Fabruary-May Longjogs from 2 to 3 hours. this should give you the time to fully recover after a high-priority race.

Especially if you run Ultras: you should add 1/4 to the given time/distance. Instead of 3 hours 32 km go for 40 km in around 3h 40. But RC does perfectly for longer than 42,195 km - as training for Ultra is highly individual.

If you want more: add a fantasy - Marathon on 14th of Feburary, then cancel it end of January and train on till June.

BUT: a prognosis for a race is under all circumstances quite difficult - if not impossible.

Keep on running






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I have been using Runningcoach for three months and thought that the program would have matched my properties during this time. But it does not. I ran a halfmarathon in September and have announced that I'm going to run next in May 2019. Runngingcoach estimates I'll have a worse time in May 2019 than I had in September 2018 and also even worse in September 2019. I'll also run an ultrarace in June and according to the running coach, I will not run a pass more than 20 km until in the end of February, which feels completely unreasonable. When does the program start to adapt to me?

I do not pay for a training program that says I will perform worse in half a year than I do now.