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Hi Patrizia


Thanks for your question. I won't be there.. but it would be good if you post some pictures.. let us knoww



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I just move from Milwaukee, WI to Gunnison, Colorado. So happy to live and train in Colorado.

My main focus in terms of racing will be to get the best of Leadville Silver Rush (50 miles running race) 2016. 

About the race: Stars at an altitude of 10,200 feet and reaches 12,000+ feet. :-)

Pros: Just for serious runners! Beautiful view, extremly hard and hilly, loosy rocks, some narrow areas ( I dislike very much flat terrain, running in the middle of the city & pavement) so this is my heaven race.

Cons: Very hot weather, not sufficinet aid stations, might get sprint on my ankle if I dont do that carefully going down the hill.

Anybody has done this race and would like to support with comments and suggestions? 


Saturday June 27th & Sunday June 28th 2015

Training up to the mountains. Start elevetation 10,500 feet and reaches 13,000 feet.

Will post pictures on Monday June 29th, 2015.

Silver rush 50 run course map