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Hi Jonas, thanks for sorting this out. I now see the mountain run symbol at some of the runs. I'll check out the scheme.


BEst, Marco

Jonas Merz
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Hi, Marco,

I logged myself into your account and took a look at it. The problem was that you didn't set the highest level of priority for the Jungfrau Marathon. I have changed this and recalculated the plan. For the specific marathon preparation trainings with climbing are now suggested (pay attention to the mountain run symbol in the training overview - if you move the cursor over it you will get more detailed information about the training).

Have a nice weekend,


running.COACH Team

Hansruedi Nyffenegger
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Hi Marco

If you add in your training settings the Jungfraumarathon as your main goal  (priority ***) you will find for example at the end of August in your Long Jogs a little withe/green icon which means "mountains". This reminds you to do your run on a course with a similar topography as your race. So run uphill as much as you can or want.

But be aware: no schedule can exactly prepare you for a specific mountain run, unless you train on the specific trail. But the programme would not know that you run there. You can train to run 3 hours and then do a nice long trekking uphill. Or run uphill as much as you can at your place. Or run 39 times up that little hill around the corner. RC does not mind. But after all, it's impossible to say what's going to happen on 42 k between the start in Interlaken and the Goal 1800 m higher. SO just train, try to do climbs as much as you want - and enjoy it.









Marco Arts
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I subscribed to Runningcoach specifically to get training for the Jungfrau Marathon. Having filled in all information needed, I get a training schedule without any climbs in it. That must be a mistake. Any clue on what I might have done wrong?


Thanks, Marco