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Hi Umut

No idea if you can change that manually, but usually it doesn't matter anyway. Running Coach will ask you from time to time, if it should adjust your plan. That happens afters a few runs were faster (or slower) than planned or after high priority competitions, after a few month without changes etc.. So if you have just a few wrong laps, no problem. It's like if you have a bad day, lousy wheather or tailwind. No need to adjust after every workout. But if your watch creates all the time faulty data, then it might be a problem, but then you should consult your manual...

As far as I know, some watches produce automatic laps, some don't. I personally don't care a lot about automatic laps etc. I run from time to time a competition or a test and then adjust my plan. 


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Based on what I read, the algorithm that extracts information about interval and tempo runs relies on user to create manual laps. Can you please confirm this? If so, is there a way to correct an errorenously created lap after the TCX file is uploaded to the running.COACH web platform through automatic sync from Polar Flow for example.